Autumn Conference 2020: Policy Motions (Sections C&E) Prioritisation Ballot


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The prioritisation ballot helps shape the order of the motions presented for debate at Autumn Conference 2020. Every year there are more motions than time available, so we invite you to decide on the priority so that what concerns the majority of members is paramount.

You can view the Section C & E motions by visiting the online version of the agenda here. You can vote by listing your preferences in order using the drop down menus below, starting with your highest priority in Position 1. You can vote for as many or as few motions as you like.

Help us to remain the most democratic party in Britain by making this a record ballot turnout!

The prioritisation ballot is open until 23:59 on Thursday 3 September.

This web form is only available for members, if you are a member please click here to login.