Green Party Breakthrough appeal

A wave of Green Party voters is about to change UK politics forever.

£1.13 million needed so we can fight for
A public NHS A fair economy that works for all Secure, affordable housing A safe climate with fossil free, affordable energy Quality education with no tuition fees Better transport, making public transport public


Join us as this sea change sweeps the country. Give to the Green Party today.

Until recently, we have been saying ‘they make the decisions’ – the corporations and millionaires who have the government in their back pockets. Voters like you have had enough and are ready to stand together for a peaceful political revolution.

It’s about time that someone stood up for a common sense approach to a shared future – someone stood up for The Common Good.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change our course for the better. Come with us. You can give to the Green Party today to make sure that we all have a real future, one that protects us, our children, and the planet.  

Choose a tab below to read more about how you can help us in that area. If you are ready to donate, just click the big green button.

Improving our presence in parliament

£400,000 raised and spent on:
 8 key constituencies with staff and leaflets  100 billboards in our key constituencies

£225,000 still needed:
 Direct mail campaign  Campaign fighting fund  Campaign bus tour


What will your donation do right now to improve our presence in parliament?

We will coordinate a nationally funded direct mail campaign that will hit three leading constituencies with over 150,000 letters twice before the election. A campaign fighting fund will be used to distribute leaflets and resources to those constituencies which could win more seats. A bus tour, as used in 2010 to bring success in Brighton, will now be used in all our leading constituencies to bring about a win.

Please support The Green Party Breakthrough Appeal so we can improve our presence in parliament bringing more MPs to stand alongside Caroline Lucas.

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Drive a surge in vote share in England and Wales

£155,000 raised and spent on:
 Candidate deposits  Party Election Broadcast  Social Media Officer

£275,000 still needed:
 1 million leaflets  Social media advertising  Ten short policy films


To shape the politics of the future we have to increase our vote share across the country. Our message needs to be clear, consistent and be heard!

With the right level of support for local parties, we will rank in the top three of more General Election campaigns than ever before. We will also massively increase our representation in county council.

It will be incredibly difficult to increase our vote share if activists have no leaflets to distribute and no one hears about the transformation we can bring on the doorstep and on their computer.

Our message needs to be clear and this comes from our candidates. We will produce ten short films to educate candidates in speaking about our policies.

Please help us fund one million leaflets to be distributed across the country, a social media campaign to reach millions of voters, and candidate films, to ensure we drive up our vote share.

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Identify our voters, supporters and activists

£40,000 raised and spent on:
 Polling in seven constituencies

£170,000 still needed:
 Polling before the election  More web platforms like Pledge to Vote Green  Campaign Strategist


By January of this year we had spent enough to poll only seven constituencies. With 80,000 members and supporters, and 1.2 million voters (European Elections), we also haven’t done enough in mobilising our support. We could get ten times as many people if we were able to identify those who wanted to help. We could direct them into constituencies where we know we’re on the edge of breakthrough.  

We need to spend £170,000 to improve our approach. This will help us conduct effective polls to identify constituencies where we could win.  It will also allow us to build more web platforms to identify more activists and supporters who will directed to pledge to vote Green.  With help, we can also fund a Campaign Strategist who has had experience in running a national campaign.

Please help us identify those people who might vote Green, so we can convince them to go out and vote Green!

Click on the big green button to donate.

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