General Election Candidates 2019

Check out the list of our fantastic prospective candidates for the next General Election.

To find who has been selected to stand in your area, search for your constituency below. This list is being updated when candidates are selected with candidate biographies, photos and contact details, so do check back if your candidate isn’t yet listed.

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Constituency Region Candidate
Meriden West Midlands Green Party Stephen Caudwell
Mid Bedfordshire Eastern Green Party Gareth Ellis
Mid Derbyshire East Midlands Green Party Sue MacFarlane
Mid Sussex South East Green Party Deanna Nicholson
Mid Worcestershire West Midlands Green Party Sue Howarth
Middlesbrough North East Green Party Hugh Alberti
Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland North East Green Party Sophie Brown
Milton Keynes North South East Green Party Catherine Rose
Milton Keynes South South East Green Party Alan Francis
Mitcham and Morden London Green Party Pippa Maslin
Mole Valley South East Green Party Lisa Scott-Conte
Monmouth Wales Green Party Ian Chandler
Morecambe and Lunesdale North West Green Party Chloe Buckley
Morley and Outwood Yorkshire & Humber Green Party Chris Bell
Neath Wales Green Party Megan Lloyd
New Forest East South East Green Party Nicola Jolly
New Forest West South East Green Party Nick Bubb
Newark East Midlands Green Party Jay Henderson
Newbury South East Green Party Stephen Masters
Newcastle upon Tyne Central North East Green Party Taymar Pitman
Newcastle upon Tyne East North East Green Party Nick Hartley
Newcastle upon Tyne North North East Green Party Alistair Ford
Newcastle-under-Lyme West Midlands Green Party carl johnson
Newport East Wales Green Party Peter Varley
Newport West Wales Green Party Amelia Womack
Newton Abbot South West Green Party Megan Debenham
North Devon South West Green Party Robbie Mack
North Dorset South West Green Party Kenneth Huggins
North Durham North East Green Party Derek Morse
North East Bedfordshire Eastern Green Party Philippa Fleming
North East Cambridgeshire Eastern Green Party Ruth Johnson
North East Derbyshire East Midlands Green Party Frank Adlington-Stringer
North East Hampshire South East Green Party Culann Walsh
North East Hertfordshire Eastern Green Party Tim Lee
North East Somerset South West Green Party Fay Whitfield
North Herefordshire West Midlands Green Party Ellie Chowns
North Shropshire West Midlands Green Party John Adams
North Somerset South West Green Party Phil Neve
North Swindon South West Green Party Andy Bentley
North Thanet South East Green Party Robert Edwards
North Tyneside North East Green Party John Buttery
North Warwickshire West Midlands Green Party James Platt
North West Cambridgeshire Eastern Green Party Nicola Day
North West Durham North East Green Party David Sewell
North West Hampshire South East Green Party Lance Mitchell
North West Leicestershire East Midlands Green Party Carl Benfield
North West Norfolk Eastern Green Party Michael de Whalley
North Wiltshire South West Green Party Bonnie Jackson
Northampton North East Midlands Green Party Katherine Pate
Northampton South East Midlands Green Party Scott Mabbutt