Prospective General Election Candidates

Check out the list of our fantastic prospective candidates for the next General Election.

To find who has been selected to stand in your area, search for your constituency below. This list is being updated when candidates are selected with candidate biographies, photos and contact details, so do check back if your candidate isn’t yet listed.

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Constituency Region Candidate
Newbury South East Green Party Stephen Masters
Newcastle upon Tyne Central North East Green Party Taymar Pitman
Newcastle upon Tyne East North East Green Party Nick Hartley
Newcastle upon Tyne North North East Green Party Alistair Ford
North Devon South West Green Party Robert Mack
North East Derbyshire East Midlands Green Party Neil Jackson
North East Somerset South West Green Party Fay Emily Whitfield
North Herefordshire West Midlands Green Party Ellie Chowns
North West Cambridgeshire Eastern Green Party Nicola Day
North Wiltshire South West Green Party Bonnie Jackson
Northampton North East Midlands Green Party Steve Miller
Northampton South East Midlands Green Party Scott Mabbutt
Oxford East South East Green Party David Williams
Oxford West and Abingdon South East Green Party Cheryl Briggs
Peterborough Eastern Green Party Joseph Wells
Reigate South East Green Party Jonathan Essex
Rochdale North West Green Party Sarah Croke
Rother Valley Yorkshire & Humber Green Party Emily West
Runnymede and Weybridge South East Green Party Benjamin Smith
Salford and Eccles North West Green Party Bryan Blears
Sefton Central North West Green Party Alison Gibbon
Shipley Yorkshire & Humber Green Party Celia Hickson
South Cambridgeshire Eastern Green Party Oliver Fisher
South Northamptonshire East Midlands Green Party Denise Donaldson
South Swindon South West Green Party Stephen Thompson
South West Hertfordshire Eastern Green Party Tom Pashby
Southport North West Green Party Laurence Rankin
Spelthorne South East Green Party Paul Jacobs
Stockport North West Green Party Shaughan Rick
Stoke-on-Trent North West Midlands Green Party Alan Borgars
Stratford-on-Avon West Midlands Green Party David Passingham
Stretford and Urmston North West Green Party Jane Leicester
Stroud South West Green Party Kevin Cranston
Sunderland Central North East Green Party Rachel Featherstone
Tamworth West Midlands Green Party Andrew Tilley
Tatton North West Green Party Nigel Hennerley
Tewkesbury South West Green Party Cate Cody
The Cotswolds South West Green Party Sabrina Poole
Thirsk and Malton Yorkshire & Humber Green Party Martin Brampton
Wantage South East Green Party Sue Roberts
Warwick and Leamington West Midlands Green Party Jonathan Chilvers
Watford Eastern Green Party CIGDEM ONAY
Wimbledon London Green Party Sonja Timpson
Winchester South East Green Party Andrew Wainwright
Witney South East Green Party Andrew Prosser
Worsley and Eccles South North West Green Party Daniel Towers
Worthing West South East Green Party Joanne Paul
Wrexham Wales Green Party Duncan Rees
Wythenshawe and Sale East North West Green Party Robert Nunney
Yeovil South West Green Party Diane Wood