Candidate for Cardiff West

David Griffin

I'm a 53 year old engineer with 3 children who's lived in Cardiff for 12 years. I'm standing in this election because we have to act now to ensure we hand on a habitable planet to the generations that follow. Whether it be the floods in the North of the UK or the devastating fires in Australia, no-one can be in any doubt that the world is changing and the change is accelerating. We simply cannot ignore this any longer.

We've known about climate change since the '80s and both the main parties have had ample chances while in power to take real action, and they have fallen short. So we should all be highly skeptical of their newfound commitment to the environment in this election.

Individual behaviour changes, while valuable, won't be enough to make the changes we need. Real change will require top down action that restructures the way we address our national transport network, our use of energy, and our stewardship of the earth's limited resources.
It’s easy to feel powerless, and to believe that nothing an individual does can make a big enough change to matter, but right now, in this election, there IS something you can do. You can Vote Green.

We’ll still be talking about Brexit at the next election, you can be sure of that. But the planet can’t wait another 5 years for us to start taking action. The time to act is now.

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