Candidate for Aberavon

Giorgia Finney

While Brexit dominates headlines, the Green Party believe this should be the first election with a true focus on the Climate Emergency at hand. Therefore, I’m standing in Aberavon, to give residents across Port Talbot the opportunity to vote for the Green Party, and for climate justice. I also think it’s more important than ever that Young Greens stand for election, given that it’s our future the political decisions made in Westminster will affect the most.

With its industrial background, Aberavon is one of many places across Wales that could benefit from a Green New Deal. We need to be ensuring residents across Aberavon have the skills they need to embrace new green technologies, and we need to ensure we’re investing in effective solutions such as CCS, allowing industries such as the Steel Works to run more sustainably.

While volunteering as WGP Newsletter Editor, I’ve gained experience when it comes to communicating with members and supporters through monthly newsletters and social media. On top of this, my canvassing experience has given me more confidence speaking to residents on the doorstep about party policy and how it could affect the local community.

Throughout this election campaign, it’s clear people are responding positively to so many of our policies, and if these responses are translated into votes, the Green Party holds a real chance of gaining greater political representation, which is something Westminster desperately needs in these times of uncertainty.

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