Candidate for Yeovil

Diane Wood

Green Party General Election Candidate

My husband Robert and I joined the Party in 2014, supporting Emily McIvor's 2015 campaign, then Robert's in 2017.

I'm a full-time Mum, work part-time at a local School and am studying professional Sophrology. Previously I've worked in a variety of industry sectors including healthcare, corporate travel and financial services.

We joined the Green Party because they were the only party that was genuine and honest about the environment, not just ‘Green Washing’ to get votes. They were also the only party that was anti-fracking, anti-Trident, anti-fox hunting, anti-badger cull, pro-Proportional Representation, pro-sustainable energy etc.

After the election of the Conservative/LibDem coalition government I was disillusioned by other political parties that seemed more concerned with power and winning elections than principles and standing for what they truly believe in. I got fed up with the lies and U-turns, and wanted to support a Party that doesn’t change its ideals on a whim to get votes.

There are so many issues and injustices, so much to campaign about in our local community, the UK and worldwide. I'm not Superwoman, can’t/won’t promise to fix everything magically, or pretend to be an ‘expert’ on every issue, but there are a number of things that I'm particularly passionate about:

- less building (roads and luxury homes) on Greenfield
- better education for all pupils
- more mental health investment
- cutting pollution in our local communities

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