Candidate for Worthing West

Jo Paul

Green Party General Election Candidate

Worthing is changing. The world is changing. In order to make sure these changes are for the better, we must take an active role in guiding the decisions that affect our community and our environment. Too many politicians would like to continue as if the world has infinite resources to fuel greed and an infinite capacity for rubbish. We know that simply isn’t true.
I believe that Worthing West can take a leading role in building a more positive, more sustainable and more compassionate politics for Britain. This begins with listening to each other; with a commitment to ensuring everyone has their basic needs met; and with an awareness that politics is not just about winning elections, but a means of organizing our society towards a sustainable and shared common good.

I have a passion for gaining and sharing knowledge in all I do. I am a Senior Lecturer in History, teaching Early Modern, Political and Intellectual History. My work has been featured in The Telegraph, Prospect and BBC History Magazine and I have appeared on radio and television. I am the author of two books with more planned in the coming years.
I was involved in campaigns and policy-writing with Brighton & Hove Greens as Ward Coordinator and am currently the Communications Officer for Worthing Greens. I stood in 2019 as the candidate for Central Worthing in an election where our vote share increased three-fold. I look forward to similar gains in a General Election.

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