Candidate for Wolverhampton South East

Kathryn Gilbert

Green Party General Election Candidate

I studied Politics at Uni, and then qualified as an FE teacher. I settled in Wolverhampton in 1977 with my husband and small family. We lived in Bilston for seven years, when I was working for Wolverhampton and Walsall Councils as an adult education organiser, so I know the area very well. I then became a lecturer in public sector management at the University of Wolverhampton, and a lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.
I’ve always been concerned at how the environment affects us in our daily lives. It impacts on education, housing quality, health and life opportunities.
Like many old industrial areas, Wolverhampton SE has been neglected by successive governments for decades. People rightly feel left behind. But Brexit is not the answer. We must do everything, and fast, to re-shape our economy with new, innovative green products and services. Investing in new kinds of transport, carbon-neutral homes and schools, and local food production to create thousands of new jobs. Jobs that can revitalise places like Wolverhampton South East. We have the skill, let's show we have the will!

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