Candidate for Westminster North

Holly Robinson

Holly is Green Party parliamentary candidate for Westminster North and stood as candidate for Westbourne Ward in the 2018 local elections. Holly has been a member of the Green Party since February 2015 and an active member of West Central London Green Party since early 2017. Holly has lived and worked in the borough for the last eight years.

As a renter in Westminster North and a user of its public services, Holly knows some of the challenges residents face but also always breathes a sigh of relief to be home when stepping off the tube at Westbourne Park after any length of time away. Holly is standing in this election in order to take an opportunity to do something positive for a community she cares about and believes in offering the Westminster North electorate a choice to vote for a Party that accords with their values and concerns on the environment, social justice and health.

Originally from Leicestershire, Holly moved to London aged eighteen to study and continues to love the capital and fellow Londoners. Holly is an accountant working in the charity sector and also sits of the board of two charities committed to social justice and equality. Holly has an LLB in Laws and an MA in International Peace and Security from King’s College London.

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