Candidate for West Lancashire

John Puddifer

Green Party General Election Candidate

Hi, I`m John, I was born In Ormskirk.& lived & worked throughout Skelmersdale
,I presently live In Wrightington.
This needs to be the Climate Election and I’m standing to give every
voter in the West Lancashire constituency to make this the top
priority. We face an enormous challenge from the Climate Crisis.
I stood in the last local elections in Wrightington and 23% of
voters backed our message in our best local election result in West
Lancs. Nationally, two million people voted Green in the European
Elections. There is the realisation that we only have a decade left to
take the necessary action to protect ourselves, our way of life and
our planet.
Our Green New Deal would tackle both climate breakdown and the shameful levels of inequality and
underinvestment, particularly in places like Skelmersdale. We can
instead aim for cleaner air, warmer homes and greener communities. We
all deserve the opportunity to have good jobs that pay a fair wage.
Green Party MP Caroline Lucas was one of the founders of the People’s
Vote movement, and we are proud to have led calls in Parliament for a
second referendum. A vote for the Greens is to Remain and change Europe.
Finally, I’d just emphasise that our politics has become toxic. We
might disagree with each other on Brexit or other issues, but I want
our debates to be civilised and tolerant, and I will run my campaign
in that way.

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