Candidate for West Ham

Danny Keeling

Green Party General Election Candidate

Convener of Newham Green Party, he was the first Green candidate to stand in his home ward of Canning Town South beating 4 candidates, one being a Conservative. He was the last person to hold the position in the Young Greens as Senate Co-Chair until the role was abolished this year and has travelled up and down the country supporting Young Greens. Danny co-founded a menswear publication that sold in 28 countries and held the position of Creative Director. This media experience was utilised when he joined Newham Green Party where he was voted into the role of Communications Officer. In the last London council elections, he helped manage the on and offline election ensuring in the target ward the vote share increased and kept Greens as the second party.

Being in Canning Town he is strongly against the Silvertown Tunnel and believes that there is nothing more urgent than the Climate Emergency and having a democratic vote on the deeply dividing topic that is Brexit. Danny has worked with various other organisations for causes he feels are important to him such as Anthony Nolan, where he matched a patient in 2016, since then he carried on raising the cause and money for them, this led to Anthony Nolan commending him under Donor of the Year at the Houses of Parliament. Danny works with LGBTIAQ+ arts collaborative raising money for charities too, curating exhibitions and organising performances to raise the awareness of inequality and to help support the vulnerable.

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