Candidate for Wansbeck

Steven Leyland

Green Party General Election Candidate

I’m Steve Leyland. I’m 61 years old and I’ve lived in the North-east for the last 59 of those years. I currently run a small consultancy business with my wife providing IT and education QA services to various UK clients.

In what little spare time I have, I play and write music. I write, read and love walking our elderly German Shepherd.

In 2015 I helped reform the Blyth Valley Green Party to fight the General Election. I’ve since stood as the Cramlington Village candidate in the 2017 Local Elections, as the Wansbeck PPC in the 2017 snap General Election, and as the Valley candidate in the 2019 North Tyneside Local Elections. I’m now asking you to vote for me as the Wansbeck PPC in the coming General Election so that I can carry on the fight for a sustainable future and a fairer society.

Whilst the IPCC reports offer a worrying insight into the impact of the Climate Crisis, I firmly believe that determined and co-operative international action now will give human society the best chance of limiting the damage done and allow us to bring it back under control in the shortest possible time. Inaction is not an option! Business-as-usual is not an option!

Today’s recognition that the Climate is in Crisis is driving people to look for more urgent and progressive action by their representatives. If I’m elected on your behalf, I’ll drive the kind of national policy changes we need to achieve this.

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