Candidate for Walthamstow

Andrew Johns

Green Party General Election Candidate

38-year-old IT consultant and father of two, born and raised in Walthamstow. Stood as a Green Party candidate for Walthamstow in the General Election in 2017 and in local elections in 2018.

Growing up in a council house with parents on benefits has given him first-hand experience on the value of social housing, and the importance of local services to low-income families. Now privately renting, he is acutely aware of the rising cost of housing and the effect it has on the area.

As a father, air quality, education and youth services are also very much key local concerns, alongside concerns about his children's future in a world yet to tackle a rapidly worsening environmental crisis. He joined the Green Party in 2014 having seen that they were the only party offering a long-term vision of a bolder, brighter future on all of these fronts.

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