Candidate for Walthamstow

Andrew Johns

Green Party General Election Candidate

Environmental concerns are at an all-time high, with Extinction Rebellion raising awareness, but voting is just as important as protesting.

Yet we’re still seeing an unwillingness from political circles to actually do anything except utter empty platitudes, declaring climate emergencies while backing airport expansion, fracking, tree-culling, new incinerators and more.

A Green vote shows we are giving climate chaos the attention it demands and ensures that those in power follow up their declarations of a climate emergency with real actions that put the environment at the heart of ALL policy-making.

Greens have a bold long-term vision for the environment and their socio-economic policies, in a political world dominated by short-term thinking. It’s about time other parties caught up.

As my home town, I have seen how much Walthamstow has changed over the years. I’ve seen my old school demolished and replaced by an Academy. I’ve seen the roads re-modelled multiple times. I’ve seen communities destroyed in the name of progress, social housing stock reduced, and primary schools turning from one or two form entry into three and four form entry. I’ve seen green spaces and recreational land reduced to make way for even more housing, but without the necessary infrastructure to support it.

I raise this because we can’t solve the environmental crisis and create a sustainable planet without also tackling social and economic problems, and Walthamstow, for all its great points, still has its fair share of those to deal with.

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