Candidate for Walsall South

John Macefield

Green Party General Election Candidate

I work for Walsall Council in the town centre. I understand the challenges the area is facing, I'm standing for parliament as I want to speak up about these issues. It's wrong that people have to sleep rough. Addiction issues and mental health are significant barriers to people getting a place they can live in. It doesn't have to be this way. Some cases aren't easy but we must provide the help and support to help people through the difficult times in their lives.
I'm standing as a candidate for the Green Party as we are the only party who will take the action needed to address the Climate Emergency. We will invest in every community in the UK to provide skills and jobs with real prospects to insulate all homes and retrofit the 20% of homes that aren't fit to live in. This will bring healthier communities and ease the chronic conditions which restrict lives. It is possible to deliver a fairer, better society, we just have vote for it.
I've campaigned for the Green Party for 18 years . I've had 17 years experience in central and local government. Local councils hold communities together. The idea that austerity and cuts are over is another Conservative lie. Walsall Council are still planning job cuts 10 years after the financial crisis. Walsall deserves better.
Voters in Walsall helped elect our first ever Green Party MEP in May. If you want Green then vote Green. #climateelection If not now when?

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