Candidate for Vauxhall

Jacqueline Bond

Green Party General Election Candidate

Jacqueline Bond wants to be your first Green MP for Vauxhall. She passionately wants to address the climate crisis fight for Remain and address social inequality in her constituency and nationwide.

She is an ecology graduate and Extinction Rebellion activist, who also speaks against austerity, and will fight for the rights of council tenants in the Vauxhall area, who have seen their lives turned upside down by poor living conditions and bungled estate ”regeneration” plans.

Jacqueline said: “This is the year of world-wide climate protests strike, and it’s time to turn those protests into a clear, positive result here in Vauxhall. Let's get people aware about how they can have the power to change things - too long has government ignored and suppressed voters by having an unfair voting system and acting for themselves. This needs to change, and we are already seeing the consequences if it doesn't."

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