Candidate for Tynemouth

Julia Erskine

Green Party General Election Candidate

The Green Party in North Tyneside Borough have selected Julia Erskine as their candidate for Tynemouth Constituency for the General Election on 12 December 2019.
Born in Wallsend, Julia has been a resident of North Tyneside most of her life, most recently for 16 years in Whitley Bay, where she is self employed, and until recently ran the weekly Whitley Bay Craft & Car Boot Fair, set up to give a “shop front” for small businesses, crafters, charities and voluntary groups. Julia is also a trustee of Mityana Community Foundation, a charity which originated in Whitley Bay and which works with the Mityana community in Uganda, in scouting and teaching.
As a Green Party MP, Julia promises to work with the local and national Green Party to bring Green Party policies into Tynemouth constituency. She explained, “We have so much of value in Tynemouth Constituency, but there is also much as risk. Our green spaces are at risk of being swallowed up by development; our residents are being priced out of the local housing market; we have a chronic shortage of social housing with people having to wait years to be housed; and air pollution and traffic congestion are serious and growing problems. I would like Green policies to help deal with these issues and others, and if elected, will commit to the task fully”.

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