Candidate for Tottenham

Emma Chan

Green Party General Election Candidate

Emma is a Junior Doctor with an academic interest in sexual health. She grew up in North London, Tottenham. She joined her local Green Party as she feels action on Climate Breakdown is urgently needed locally and generally in UK politics. She is commited to environmental causes globally and locally. She is a member of the Stonebridge Lock Coalition. She can regularly be found by the River Lea and on Tottenham Marshes, volunteering with Stonebridge in their conservation and habit improvement work.

Emma is mixed race and has extensive experience of being a member of multinational NHS teams. As such she believes that the current government’s ‘hostile environment’ is one of its most damaging and dehumanising policies. She is a member of ‘Docs Not Cops’- a group of healthcare workers who work to challenge the hostile environment within the NHS. She believes that cultural diversity makes the UK stronger and that wherever possible we should foster good, co-operative links with the rest of the world. This includes remaining a member of the European Union. As a member of the Green Party she has campaigned for a People’s Vote to allow us all to have a final, democratic say on Brexit.

Emma is currently studying towards a postgraduate degree in Reproductive and Sexual Health research. She regularly works for Sexplain UK, a social enterprise providing inclusive sex and relationship education programmes for school children. She is a passionate advocate of honest and open dialogue with young people.

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