Candidate for Tooting

Esther Obiri-Darko

Green Party General Election Candidate

Hi I am Esther Obiri-Darko.
I became a member of the Green Party 7 years ago after seeing the continual attacks on our social and disabilities services, a dismantling of our Health services, a housing crisis that sees Britons pay the highest private rents in Europe, in essence greater and greater inequality. I was frustrated that we were being told we are all in it together when clearly we are not. I felt it was time I stopped complaining about it and did something. Thus began my journey of activism and campaigning in Wandsworth and Tooting.
In the London Elections I stood as the Constituency Candidate for Merton and Wandsworth and gained 14,682 votes. I also ran in the 2015 General election, (coming third ahead of the Liberal Democrats and UKIP). In 2016 I became the Science and Technology Spokesperson for the Green Party.
Tooting has been my home for many years. It is a vibrant and diverse community, with so much to offer. I am standing in this election because I want to be of service to those that live here and champion those voices that are rarely heard. The Green Party is the only Party that offers bold, innovative, sustainable long term plans for Britain. A Britain where the economy works for all, where we use wealth to invest in health, where we invest in our young people and where we respect and protect the natural environment in which we all depend on.

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