Candidate for Tiverton and Honiton

Colin Reed

Green Party General Election Candidate

Record poverty. Record homelessness. Millions using foodbanks. DWP persecution of thousands the United Nations has labelled a 'Humanitarian Crisis'. Pensioners forced to sell family homes to fund "care" provision.

NHS; Police; Education; Justice - ALL hugely underfunded. The richest 10% languishing on the breaking backs of good people.

It has to stop. Here are some of the ways I believe we can do better.

Proportional Representation empowers every voice, creating a culture of true social justice. Central government policies must demand corporate compliance and enable individuals to avert global disaster. Wellbeing not wealth, must drive legislation.

I support a final say on Europe. Because it’s their future I support 16+ voting eligibility.

I worked in management & personnel development, giving spare time to youth organisations before opening a tabletop wargames shop and accompanying club in Honiton.
Work became impossible due to onset of disability, coupled with being a lone-father. I enrolled with Open University, studying law to try to find a way back into work.
Having fought DWP repeatedly, winning every time, it’s fair to say I’m more of a determined and principled fighter than I am a politician. Faced with a time when huge change is needed maybe that’s a good thing?

Thank you for your support.


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