Candidate for Thirsk and Malton

Martin Brampton

Green Party General Election Candidate

Martin has lived in Ryedale since 1980 and been a town councillor for the last nine years. He was a Green Party candidate in the 2015 and 2017 elections.

He has spoken up against fracking in Ryedale, and instigated a debate between local MP Kevin Hollinrake and chartered engineer Mike Hill. The outcome was an overwhelming vote against fracking. He is equally concerned about the catastrophic decline in wildlife in the UK and globally, the growing threats of pollution, and the life threatening progress of global warming.

He is an almost retired computer consultant, who has also held senior management positions in a City of London accountancy and a major IT research company. He is currently a regular writer for online campaign Bright Green.

Apart from environmental concerns, Martin is committed to Green Party policies to create a fairer society. He believes that growing inequality is damaging society, and was a cause of the potentially disastrous Brexit vote. The UK is a rich country, and he wants a politics that delivers the possibility of a good life to every citizen, and seeks for global justice.

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