Candidate for The Wrekin

Tim Dawes

Green Party General Election Candidate

Tim was born in the old Wrekin Hospital in Wellington and went to school at Wellington Grammar. He knows the constituency and it’s issues well. He is chair of Shropshire of Unite the Union Community Branch and a long-suffering supporter and season ticket holder at Telford United.

Retired with three grown up children, Tim is a passionate Green, campaigning for a more urgent approach to tackling climate change, better pubic services and a fairer more equal society. He says “The Greens are a staunch remain party, calling for another referendum, and, despite some reservations about the way the European Union operates, I voted remain in 2016 and would again given the chance. But Brexit is not the most important issue today. If we are to avoid disaster and leave any kind of decent legacy for our children and grandchildren we must focus on dealing with the climate emergency and this election may well be the last opportunity voters have to signal their concern before it’s too late.”

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