Candidate for Sutton Coldfield

Ben Auton

Green Party General Election Candidate

I love campaigning in Sutton Coldfield, I’ve been an environmental scientist and activist for over a decade now and it is an honour to stand for Parliament. Right now, I work as a contractor in the construction sector where I work on sustainability and renewable engineering. I want to bring this experience to Sutton Coldfield Town Centre redevelopment and the Langley expansion.
I believe in a fairer, more just society, one where all people are treated with dignity and we no longer accept poverty and miserable living in the UK. There were over 12,000 people recorded as homeless in Birmingham last year and every one of them is a sign of our economy and government’s structural failure. I advocate for radical change to put people and planet first instead of shareholders and GDP figures. I will campaign to reverse the political cuts to vital public services that have led so many to desperation and misery.
On Europe I say yes to the EU, yes to free movement and yes to prosperity.
A vote for the Green party is a vote to stop destroying the planet; we are the only party championing the real change that can halt global warming. You don’t have to be an environmental scientist to see that Climate Change is not an abstract problem: it is visible today on our doorsteps, the warmest, wettest and wildest weather on record that will cost us dearly in the future.

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