Candidate for Stroud

Kevin Cranston

Green Party General Election Candidate

Kevin has been a member of the Stroud Town Council for more than 20 years, serving in a variety of roles representing the Central Ward and also served as a District councillor. He has been Mayor of Stroud since May 2016. Before moving to Stroud in 1996, he spent 26 years serving in the Army, mainly flying helicopters or serving as a staff officer. Kevin currently works as a Management Consultant helping companies reduce their environmental impacts.

“The greatest threat to our survival comes from climate change and what we have been doing to our planet. I want the issue of the climate crisis to be central to the next campaign for Parliament,” said Kevin Cranston. “I am very pleased that Stroud Town Council was one of the first Councils in the country to commit to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030 and I want to take this sense of urgency to the voters.”

Kevin’s immediate priorities as an MP include settling the Brexit issue, ideally by remaining in the EU; reversing the pernicious effects of this government’s austerity policies and to start to heal the scars from these damaging policies. Electoral reform and returning power to local government are his next priorities.

He is married with two grown up children.

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