Candidate for Stroud

Molly Scott Cato

Green Party General Election Candidate

Molly studied PPE at Oxford University and later worked in publishing and followed an academic career, becoming Professor of Green Economics in 2012. She is a green economist and expert on cooperatives and social enterprise, sustainable finance, monetary policy and tax policy. Molly is the national Green Party speaker on finance and on Brexit.
In May 2011, Molly was elected to represent Valley Ward on Stroud District Council and in May 2012, she became leader of the Green Group on the council and made an agreement to run the Council jointly with the Labour and Liberal Democrat groups, an arrangement that continues to this day.
In May 2014, Molly was elected as the first Green to represent South West England and Gibraltar in the European Parliament; she was re-elected in 2019 with an increased majority. She is leader of the UK Green delegation and a Vice President of the Parliament’s Greens-EFA Group. Molly has served on the Parliament’s Economics and Monetary Policy and Agriculture and Rural Affairs committees. 
Molly has played a leadership role in the national campaign to Stop Brexit being an early member of the People’s Vote campaign and supporting For Europe groups across the South West.

Molly’s key achievements as an MEP have been:
• Work on EU-wide policies to prevent tax avoidance by corporations and wealthy elites
• Sustainable finance
• Negotiating for reduced use of antibiotics on farms
• Campaigning for a Green New Deal
• Leading the debate on climate-friendly farming 

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