Candidate for Stretford and Urmston

Jane Leicester

Green Party General Election Candidate

As a long standing resident of Trafford, and someone that has brought my family up here, I am incredibly pleased to have been selected as the Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency of Stretford and Urmston.

I will be speaking out against the Climate Emergency. I will also work for a fairer society that works for everyone and will continue to challenge Brexit chaos.

As a physiotherapist working for the NHS I am keen to see good quality, well funded and equitable health services which continue to be run by the public sector. I have campaigned many times against privatisation of our NHS and I will continue to do so.

It is vital that we find ways forward that ensure that we all have fulfilling and sustainable lives. This includes protecting our green spaces and making our towns good places to live with good infra-structure for walking, cycling and using public transport.

Vote Green for a positive change to our society and our planet.

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