Candidate for Streatham

Scott Ainslie

Green Party General Election Candidate

I'm proud to be standing as the Green Party candidate for the residents of Streatham as we deserve better from our representative in Parliament. I campaigned for a People's Vote but that's where my association with our current MP begins and ends.

It is negligent to leave local residents choking along the Streatham high road - one of the most polluted streets in the UK - and not campaign for cleaner air. It is disingenuous to claim to stand up for residents being evicted from their homes and then fail to seriously challenge your local council. And it is dishonourable to ditch those who helped you get elected locally, just because you don't like the person in charge nationally.

I hope to represent my friends and neighbours in Streatham as someone who helps clean up our polluted air, helps protect our public services, and helps residents who can and want to work find jobs that work for them. I'd be grateful for the support of the people of Streatham.

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