Candidate for Stratford-on-Avon

David Passingham

Green Party General Election Candidate

Dave Passingham has lived in Stratford District for 25 years. Until he retired, he owned and managed a computer-aided design software company. He is now a voluntary director of Heart of England Community Energy which owns the solar farm just outside Stratford. It is the largest community owned solar farm in the country.
Dave has been a keen environmentalist in the District for the last 20 years. He is active in Stratford Friends of the Earth and Stratford Cycle Forum. He has helped run the voluntary tree warden scheme and is chair of Stretton on Fosse Biodiversity Group.
Dave has been campaigning with Stratford Climate Action group over the last year for Stratford District Council to declare a climate emergency. The Council passed a motion to this effect and are now developing their climate emergency plans with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.
He says "We’re in a climate emergency – the old parties have finally realised that action is needed but their promises still fall well short of what is needed. The Green Party hopes to transform society by creating millions of good jobs to enable the country to become carbon neutral over the next 10 years.
We need a People’s Vote to decide Brexit. Greens will campaign for Remain.
Needless austerity has caused an appalling increase in inequality and led to crises in the NHS, housing, schools and public services. We urgently need a Green transformation to save our environment and make a better society for all.”

Call David: 07973 846605