Candidate for Stourbridge

Andi Mohr

Green Party General Election Candidate

Andi Mohr is chair of Dudley Green Party and has lived in Stourbridge for over 10 years. He has worked for large IT and automotive companies, small startups and the third sector. He is on the board of Dudley's credit union and has been involved with various Black Country community and environmental groups for some years.

He says "I’m standing because we need change, urgently."

"This must be the climate election. We’re in a climate emergency – and although the old parties have finally started to talk more about climate breakdown, their promises still fall well short of what’s needed."

"The Green Party will make the investment that’s needed – and in the process create good jobs on a massive scale, through a national programme of retro-fitting and insulating homes and buildings so they make the best possible use of energy."

"On Brexit, we must put the negotiated deal to a People’s Vote. Boris Johnson’s deal is awful, so Greens will campaign to Remain, but by voting all sides can democratically make their case."

“Meanwhile, we have a spiralling housing crisis, and our schools and NHS are underfunded – but it doesn’t have to be like this. The Green Party has smart ideas for how to fix these urgent problems.”

"Our politics must change. I want to see a more grown-up style of politics, where politicians work together instead of scoring points, and where decisions are taken with the long view in mind."

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