Candidate for Spelthorne

Paul Jacobs

Green Party General Election Candidate

I have lived in Spelthorne for most of my life, and have enjoyed serving as a school governor and working in the community.

Spelthorne is the most polluted borough in Surrey. The major cause is traffic from motorways and major roads as well as pollution from Heathrow. The response from Heathrow and Spelthorne council is to grab as much green belt and open green spaces as they can for development, when in fact we need to triple the number of trees on these sites to absorb pollution and make these sites more available for public access and community use.

Spelthorne needs an MP who will help our borough with the problems of flooding, as well as opposing Heathrow expansion, championing transport alternatives and ensuring employment offers fair wages. Our NHS and schools and services all need proper funding; austerity which has rewarded those already very wealthy, has simply not worked.

The Green Party’s “Green New Deal” will bring many more jobs across the country and effectively combat climate change.

This is why I am asking you to vote for me and vote Green on December 12th.

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