Candidate for South West Wiltshire

Julie Phillips

Green Party General Election Candidate

Julie Phillips, a 10-year resident of Tisbury, is standing as the Green Party South West Wiltshire Candidate for the General Election on the 12th December. Educated in Social Theory, Philosophy and Law, Julie has 20 years’ management experience in the Education and Care sectors and her teaching and counselling qualifications will enable her to be a very effective MP for the constituency.
Julie is committed to taking action to prevent a climate crisis by 2030. Local as well as global issues require action;
• Flooding of local rivers which are also carrying plastic out to the ocean.
• The potential air pollution of a new Incinerator in Westbury.
• Wiltshire council pension investment in fossil fuel companies
• Individual use of petrol and diesel cars
Many of these environmental issues can be addressed by promoting social and economic justice.
• Green land infrastructure can address flooding issues with natural responses
• A food waste collection service.
• The development renewable energy projects.
• House building that is carbon neutral
• A better public transport network.
Investment in these areas can create local employment and more affordable housing. Investment in a Green vote is a vote for a new politics where action happens for the common good.

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