Candidate for South West Devon

Ian Poyser

Green Party General Election Candidate

I live and work in Plymouth and as a graduate from the University of Plymouth I have spent a majority of my career working in Industry and Local Authority finding waste & recycling solutions for residents and businesses. I therefore have a good understanding of how Business and Local Government functions and the pressures they both face.

I’ve been a Green Party member since the then Labour government took this country into the Iraq war in 2003. A shameful and reckless act of foreign policy from which we still bearing the economic and social cost. Both my father and mother served in the Army Forces, so I have a huge amount of respect for serving personnel.

I believe in peace, fairness, equality and protection of the environment. I’m deeply frustrated as how successive governments have failed to address the widening gap between rich and poor. How the world’s 5th largest economy has let food and fuel poverty become the norm in our communities.

I’m a passionate advocate of finding local solutions to the biggest threat to humanity and natural world – climate change and habitat destruction. Tackling social, economic and environmental issues through the delivery of Green New Deal for the nation is to me the most sensible option for our country.

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