Candidate for South Thanet

Trevor Roper

Green Party General Election Candidate

Trevor moved to Minster in 1993 to introduce Design and Technology to Clarendon House School and, although now retired maintains strong links with the Ramsgate Grammar Schools primarily by invigilating exams. Retirement also affords him the opportunity to indulge his interest in Classic motorcycles, exploiting his woodworking skills, and general DIY and gardening.
An energetic campaigner in the CND movement during the 1980s, Trevor was active in demonstrations throughout the country. He has been Union Representative in two schools, as well as a Parent Governor and a Teacher Governor.
The nature of the subject he led inspired in Trevor a keen awareness of environmental issues and, their implication for transport and developing renewable energy. These concerns, and the potential for greater local employment to be stimulated by Stone Hill’s proposal for alternative development, informed his strong opposition to the reinstatement of Manston as a Cargo Hub Airport. Trevor voted to remain in the EU, took part in the two People's Vote marches and believes that a Peoples Vote as the only logical way of resolving the Brexit crisis.

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