Candidate for South Thanet

Rebecca Wing

Green Party General Election Candidate

I was born in the East End of London attending a forward-thinking comprehensive that valued enrichment activities to inspire learning, develop confidence and aspirations. I gained BEd Hons and taught for 25 Years, ending my career as The Director of Sport, Health & Well-Being; a job I loved. I retrained as a Social Worker completing an MA in 2012 and now work for Charlton Athletic Community Trust, Mentoring Officer managing a team that supports young people at risk of gang involvement.

My involvement with politics began in 2012/13 with the arrival UKIP, the division this caused within my community through hate, lies and blame, meant I had to do something. I joined The Green Party, where I found honest, open, respectful, meaningful and an enjoyable political process.

My reason for standing as a candidate is to fight for kinder politics that puts ‘people and places’ before party and in so doing acts to tackle the biggest threat to us all; Climate Change. There is no ‘Planet B’! As a newly elected Thanet District Town Councillor I have witnessed first-hand the effect on other parties as they ‘clamoured’ to lead on a ‘Climate Emergency’. We need to keep this pressure up, by increasing Green Party representation at all political levels. Addressing climate issues will also help tackle Thanet’s increasing poverty and inequality, something we need to urgently address. What better way to empower families on low incomes than building low energy homes, reducing their energy bills and damage to our planet.

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