Candidate for South Staffordshire

Claire McIlvenna

Green Party General Election Candidate

I have been a Green Party member for over eight years now and am one of the founding members of our local South Staffordshire Green Party. As parliamentary candidate for this constituency, whilst I accept the result of the referendum, I reject the extreme Brexit pursued by our Government. I believe that our lives will be fairer, safer and greener in Europe and therefore, I believe that we should empower people to decide the way forward by way of a people's vote. As an activist in the fight against climate change, my main priority as parliamentary candidate is to focus on the climate emergency and push for systemic change. In reflection of some of the drivers of global temperature rises, my local focuses will be to protect Greenbelt land from development and to develop the public transport offer in the area. I have always strove to promote inclusivity, equality and social justice in any way I can and believe that the Greens will take the necessary action to transform Britain accordingly. I am a passionate and dedicated member of the Green Party and will do my best to improve the lives of constituency members.

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