Candidate for South Shields

Sarah McKeown

Never has being in the Green Party been more important. Never has there been a greater need for respect: to respect our environment, respect all species and respect each other and our right to exist in our beautiful world. Facing a climate crisis, more than ever there is an urgent need for change. Together, I want to fight for a better alternative. We can no longer rely on an outdated political and economic system.

Having been in the Green Party for the past ten years, I have been impressed by the tireless efforts of members iwho have been able to affect real positive change at a local level for people in the community,
In South Tyneside securing a declaration of Climate Emergency, the fight to maintain comprehensive services at the local hospital and litter picks on the beaches to name just a few campaigns.
Personally I've always been passionate about challenging inequality, be that between nations, ethnicities, gender or class. Climate change will not only deepen inequalities it is also currently the greatest threat to us all.

As a teacher and a parent I am worried for the next generation. I'm frustrated that the full impact of what they are facing is not taken seriously by those in power. However there are reasons to be positive. There is a changing tide and this is fast becoming 'the Climate Election'.

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