Candidate for South Northamptonshire

Denise Donaldson

Green Party General Election Candidate

Denise, born in Newcastle upon Tyne, moved to Northampton 21 years ago, with
2 children who attend(ed) local schools, one is now at University. Denise has worked in various jobs, settling in her Nursing career since 1988, obtaining her Degree in Nursing, working in specialist roles, undertaking clinical management duties. Denise works for our Community, she is against Austerity, a Local campaigner and previous General Election Candidate. Denise Donaldson is standing for South Northamptonshire against Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom. This is our chance to really hold power to account for their treatment of the environment and not acting on their declared Climate Emergency. Denise has been also campaigning against Brexit, she supports a people's confirmatory vote. Denise supports Stop Rail Central against an unneeded and damaging potential rail interchange being built in idyllic Northants countryside at Milton Malsor and is against Northampton Gateway outside of Roade.

Denise says "There IS a real opportunity to change politics. We can create a fairer society in which there are decent jobs that people can build a life on. A society in which homes are comfortable and genuinely affordable. A society with the security of the NHS returned to its founding principles. And all within the environmental limits of this one fragile planet."

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