Candidate for South Leicestershire

Nick Cox

Green Party General Election Candidate

I am a retired police officer with experience of local government and school governance. I have two teenage children and am involved in the world of swimming in Leicestershire.
I joined the Green Party four years ago as I became increasingly aware of the damage that was being done to the environment and the work that needed to be done to restore and preserve it. I have stood in local elections and was a candidate for the Charnwood constituency in the 2017 General Election. Currently I am working with a number of Green Party members and supporters in the Blaby area to try and promote the Green Party and its ethos.
The current problems with Brexit mainly stem from a two party, interest backed and interest driven, adversarial system of politics which has now failed the people and the environment, along with our precious public services. I am not governed by a need for a career in politics and do not rely on any financial backers. I have signed up to the Green Party on account of its Environment First ethos. If elected, I would be free to speak up for the interests of all those people whom I would represent.
Working hard for a better environment and for the health and well-being benefits that the changes, that need to be made, would bring.

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