Candidate for South East Cornwall

Martha Green

Green Party General Election Candidate

My name is Martha Green, I am a legal practitioner in the area of Immigration and Asylum matters including Human trafficking for modern slavery cases, a strong believer in engaging with communities to know their most dire needs. I'm a lover of Clean & Green, I believe that everyone must not go hungry. I shall work hard to make SE Cornwall a model to others.

I moved from London to Cornwall in 2014 and shortly after that I joined the Green Party, its the only party that truly represents my concerns. I have been very involved in the community here in Truro, working with other groups to form the Diversity Food Festival and women's group to raise awareness and bring people together. Also, I have taken the awareness for the welfare of women outside the shores of UK to Africa.

I became increasingly concern after reading IPCC report of 2018 just after inviting Ms Karen Laborde to speak on climate change on one of our programme's (Every Woman's Hope), for me that was a wake up call, I realised we have 12 years to act. With that in mind and with and the children's future now at stake, I am standing and campaigning to be elected as the next Green MP for South East Cornwall so I can be the people's voice.

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