Candidate for South Dorset

Jon Orrell

Green Party General Election Candidate

Healthy people need a healthy planet. I am a GP and see the need for more that pills to treat ills. I live in Weymouth and grew up here. My Grandparents ran a hotel and my parents were in the NHS. My passions are playing saxophone in a dance band and making cider from my orchard. So many of our illnesses are caused by our hectic polluted lifestyles. The planet too is sick with a fever. The solution is a Green prescription. The policies that are life giving for a person are life giving for the planet. We need clean air. Animals and plants need clean air. We need healthy food (mainly plant based). Cutting out too much meat is good for us and cuts carbon. We need active personal and decent mass public transport. This will again cut carbon and improve health. So, on the small-scale personal level and the big scale planet level we must urgently adopt Green policies. The alternative is ill health and decay. Conservatives fail in their mission as they back fracking and polluting practices. The real conservatives are not blue at all but rather our colour. We truly conserve nature. The Green future is bright.

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