Candidate for Sleaford and North Hykeham

Simon Tooke

Green Party General Election Candidate

I live in the city of Lincoln and I'm retired now - but I was fireman, a company director and IT consultant - and when it was necessary, I simply provided my own labour. Being Green has come a long way since I was first active in the 1980s and we are now taking so many votes from the other parties that they have taken some of our environmental policies into their own manifestos - but they still have a very long way to go.
This election is about climate chaos caused by environmental destruction, with reference to the campaigning strength that we get internationally from our membership of the European Union.
If elected, I would work to introduce sustainable economics, for example, by focusing on renewable energy and stopping investment in fossil fuels. But we also need to reduce social inequality and introduce values on happiness that will be included in revised Green GDP figures.
I would take immediate action to overcome corporate and personal greed in order to create a more equal society and to tackle growing levels of pollution and waste. I would reverse recent cuts in funding to the NHS and education, and I would take action on the causes of homelessness as a matter of high priority.
I would encourage small business start-ups by introducing the new planning category of Artisan Housing (housing with intregral workshop space) because nearly one in six of us are now self-employed.

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