Candidate for Sherwood

Esther Cropper

Green Party General Election Candidate

I am standing as a Green Party Parliamentary Candidate in the Sherwood constituency because now is the time to stand up and press for positive change. I have lived in neighbouring Newark for almost 17 years and I became a member of Newark Town Council earlier this year.

With several flooding events in the recent past in Newark and Sherwood, the effects of Climate Change are already visible and without immediate action these will increase. Green Party policies will ensure everyone has what they need for a good quality of life whilst enabling individuals and organisations and businesses to take measures to tackle the Climate Emergency.

Innovative, long term strategies are necessary for improved quality of life for all, including those with disabilities. Amongst other actions, reforms are required in housing, transport, energy usage, food, farming, forestry and the restoration of nature. With ambitious targets and a positive drive, we can work together to create a more sustainable society in every way.