Candidate for Sheffield, Hallam

Natalie Thomas

Green Party General Election Candidate

Natalie is a mother and grandmother that has been inspired and invigorated by The Green Party, Extinction Rebellion and other movements who have recently brought climate change to the forefront of people’s minds.
In the 90s she fought to save our country’s landscape against destructive opencast coal mines and the road-building programme. These movements' arguments at the time have been proved correct! New roads have increased congestion and opencast coal is disastrous for the local community as well as driving climate crisis around the world.

We desperately need more Green MPs in Parliament. If elected Natalie will fight for a truly radical and transformative Green New Deal to avert a climate emergency.
Brexit is another issue that will greatly affect the younger generation, Natalie supports a 2nd referendum.

Most of all Natalie is an advocate for community. Air pollution is a ticking time-bomb in Sheffield and Nat will fight to clean up our air. The trees scandal shows the worst example of PFI complacency.

Natalie wants people to listen to each other, to have conversations about our local environment and to take a fresh look at our political system and who we want to represent us. Her experience as a support worker and advocate for the most vulnerable will drive Nat to represent Hallam with passion and determination.

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