Candidate for Sheffield Central

Alison Teal

Green Party General Election Candidate

Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Central is Alison Teal. Alison is a councillor in Nether Edge & Sharrow ward, elected in 2016 (with an 8 vote majority) and 2018 (with an almost 1,500 majority). She won the Most Impressive Councillor Achievement award in 2017, and Amnesty put her on their map of “Modern day Suffragettes” in 2018. She is a passionate advocate for her community in Sheffield, and the environment.

In 2017 Alison was arrested with fellow tree campaigners for protecting a healthy mature tree. She has a reputation for integrity and for speaking truth to power. These are the qualities we badly need in the House of Commons. While the reputation of politicians is at an all time low, we need representatives with a strong moral compass who we can trust to make decisions in the best interests of constituents rather than their own career or because they’re whipped by their political party.

Alison is a consultant psychologist and family therapist by profession. She currently devotes her time to her city councillor role, environmental activism, and the Green Party. She is a dual national, holding both British and Australian passports, as do her daughters, aged 23 and 21. If she had any spare time, she would read and write novels.

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