Candidate for Richmond (Yorks)

John Yorke

Born in York in 1963, John started an apprenticeship at the railway and then worked as an electrician making new trains at the York carriage works. In his mid-twenties he left this job to retrain as a mental health nurse which soon proved to be a vocation rather than just a job.
John met his wife Fiona in 1997 and moved to the constituency in 1998 where they have lived together ever since. John says; ‘Working as a NHS mental health nurse for 30 years has given me the privilege of helping people feel better about themselves. It has also made me aware of how much modern society contributes to feelings of low self-worth and poor mental health.’ I will continue my lifelong support of this fantastic organisation which needs purging of the creeping marketisation and privatisation that is undermining it”.
Being a member of the first generation of his family that has not been conscripted and seeing the devastating effect the death of his maternal grandfather during the D Day landing had on his mother’s wellbeing, John believes in the European project in that countries working together is preferable to the unnecessary carnage that took place during the first half of the 20th Century.

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