Candidate for Preston

Michael Welton

Green Party General Election Candidate

I am proud to be the newly formed Preston Green Party's parliamentary candidate in the General Election. A Green on the ballot changes the argument, re-frames the debate and alters the narrative, putting the Climate Emergency where it should be, at the centre our political discussions. Our pledge to invest £100bn a year to combat climate change is the only programme promising the radical change that is so vitally needed to keep warming under 1.5 degrees and give our kids the cleaner, healthier future they deserve.

Nothing makes me happier than when other parties adopt Green Party policies, as we have seen with the Green New Deal, Universal Basic Income, opposition to fracking and many more. It shows we are winning, and that we need to keep pushing.

I am a Councillor on Trafford Council, having previously earned my local politics stripes as Chair of my local Friends of Parks group. One of my key concerns is sustainable town centre regeneration and encouraging active travel. I balance this with parenthood, work as a manager at Forsyth Music Shop in Manchester, and a 24 year career as a professional musician. I have also worked as a journalist writing for the World Markets Research Centre (now Global Insight) and the Economist Intelligence Unit, following my studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies.

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