Candidate for Plymouth, Moor View

Ewan Melling Flavell

Green Party General Election Candidate

All members of our society must have equal opportunities and feel empowered to make changes in their own lives and this means them being able to make choices. We must not allow people’s experience to be limited by others who may discriminate against them based upon prejudice. In short, we need to ensure that there is social justice.We depend on the natural world for our existence, and the natural world depends on us for its protection. It’s this aspect of stewardship of the Earth that we as a society must focus on in order to maintain a sustainable future for our children.
Today’s society often places too much emphasis on material possessions to allow many people to feel truly happy. Economic indicators are only one instrument by which satisfaction can be measured. For too long has the UK and the other economic powers been a slave to Keynesian Economics and its addiction to Economic Growth and Inflation. Instead we need to adopt new ways to measure our success like individual choice, social fairness, health, happiness and human fulfilment.

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