Candidate for Penrith and The Border

Ali Ross

Green Party General Election Candidate

Ali has lived in Penrith and the Border with her family for 22 years. Her background is in conservation and environmental protection and she ran a renewable energy business near Penrith with her husband for 20 years. She now works with Penrith and Eden Refugee Network. She was elected to Eden District Council in May 2019.
Ali believes the dominance of Brexit in politics has prevented the climate crisis and destruction of nature getting the attention and action they urgently need. It has also deepened the division and inequality in our society. She is passionate in her determination to tackle these problems and believes that she has the voice, the experience and the passion to help represent Green policies in Westminster.
Ali is standing for:
- urgent and radical action to tackle the climate crisis and destruction of nature. This means cheaper and clean energy, better transport, warmer homes and hundreds of thousands of new green jobs. It also means environment-friendly food production, better protection of nature and restoration of ecosystems both in the UK and where we import goods from.
- a People’s Vote and remaining in the EU for the benefit of all; retaining and strengthening environmental protection, food standards, employment and human rights and keeping our freedom of movement.
- a fairer Britain, that tackles inequality in our divided society, with proper funding for local councils, schools and the NHS.

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