Candidate for Oldham East and Saddleworth

Wendy Olsen

Green Party General Election Candidate

Wendy Olsen joined the Green Party in 2014. She got 8% of Salford votes when she ran for Salford Mayor 2016. She has campaigned on litter, parking, traffic, carbon neutral policies, green paths, cycling and air pollution. She has walked over large parts of Greater Manchester, giving out newsletters for the Green Party.
She has done media work including BBC, Manchester Live TV studio news, and talk radio.
Wendy Olsen has 30 years’ experience in a Trade Union. She is currently Equalities Officer. She has lived in Salford since 1988. She worked in Manchester University since 2002; previous jobs were lecturer, computer advisor, and economist. In her teen years she lived in Indiana and worked as a printer and in a Burger outlet.
Wendy Olsen believes Oldham East and Saddleworth people need a clear voice in Parliament. She wants to see improved transport - Better Busses in Greater Manchester; more trains and cheaper, integrated tickets.
* Reduce Air Pollution. * Remove All Flood Risks. * More Funding for Schools.
Greens would always promote holding people’s debates in Oldham East and Saddleworth.
A citizens' debate can cover the car parking, valleys and parks, trash, fly tipping, and traffic management. Wendy believes in a Basic Income and a higher Citizens Pension.
She is an experienced hiker and committed to preserving our uplands and valleys.
Wendy Olsen opposes the NHS privatization.
Regarding Europe, ** Remain But Reform It! **

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