Candidate for Norwich North

Adrian Holmes

Green Party General Election Candidate

A former City Councillor, I have 8 years experience serving local people. I will bring this experience as MP representing the people of Norwich North.

Fuel poverty is a major problem in Norwich North. The Green Party will invest in a super programme of insulation and replacement of boilers with clean efficient low carbon heating - tackling climate change and cutting heating bills.

We need to properly fund our NHS and invest in our local Education Authority run schools.

Public transport services are being cut and fares are too high. I want to stop new road building and invest the money in slashing fares with more frequent services. We must provide a viable alternative to the private car to go carbon neutral.

I want to scrap Universal Credit roll out in Norwich. The current system puts stress and hardship on the most vulnerable. The Green Party will replace the means tested benefits system with a Universal Basic Income of £89 per week for every adult with additional benefits for people who may not be able to work, such as people with disabilities, lone parents and people of state pension age. Housing and carers benefit will be retained.

At a time when we should be working with our European partners in building a sustainable future - ending fossil fuel consumption and the degradation of the Earth's natural resources - we find ourselves mired in Brexit. I want a People's Vote to end the uncertainty and will be firmly supporting remaining in the EU.

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