Candidate for North Wiltshire

Bonnie Jackson

Green Party General Election Candidate

Having grown up in North Wiltshire, Bonnie worked as a Corporate Legal Executive in Bristol before moving back to the area. She lives in a village outside Chippenham with husband Andrew and is currently enjoying a career break to raise her two young children.

Bonnie said : "I joined the Green Party on the day the USA pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. Since then our hearts have been broken by scenes of plastic pollution in the BBC’s Blue Planet, we have heard that Britain has lost half of its wildlife in 30 years and the IPCC have warned we have just 11 years left to avoid a climate catastrophe.

Most of us are doing our best to recycle and shop considerately, but some green choices are unaffordable and out of reach. Only the Green Party has the vision to offer a real solution to the climate crisis and to fix our economy so that sustainable choices are available to all.

Don’t vote for the least-bad option. Where Greens lead, others follow. If you care about the climate crisis and believe it’s time for politics to put the environment first, I urge you to stand for what you believe in and VOTE GREEN ON 12 DECEMBER".

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