Candidate for North West Cambridgeshire

Nicola Day

Green Party General Election Candidate

Nicola Day grew up in Orton Goldhay, where her dad delivered a milk round for 20 years, and went to what is now Ormiston Bushfield Academy before later attending Peterborough Regional College and then Sheffield and Cambridge Universities. She qualified as a Teacher of English in 2004 and teaches in local secondary schools.

Nicola believes that in the wake of the current climate crisis more strong Green voices are needed at Westminster. 'The recent IPCC report has proved to us, beyond all doubt that we must act quickly to prevent a climate catastrophe. Green representation is urgently needed at national government levels to ensure we protect our planet and create a sustainable future for generations to come.'

Nicola has campaigned for social justice and dedicates her time every week to campaigning in the North West Cambridgeshire Constituency. 'Every week I am out and about speaking to residents, working hard and being proactive and visible. As a Green MP I would seek to represent a variety of communities. I want to ensure all residents live in a safe, clean and caring community.'

Nicola also believes firmly in the Green Party's post - growth agenda. 'It is quite clear that economic growth is a poor guide to human welfare. What we need to be doing is not focusing on growth, but on sharing the resources we already have more equally'.

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